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Kurt Sanderling and Rachmaninov: from Two Sides of Life

This morning I found myself engaged in an unusual Sunday morning activity (although less so in this house) crawling around on my hands and knees rummaging through the bottom shelf of the book cases in a long-neglected section: my beloved LP collection. Whilst the cassette tapes and CDs have long since been confined to the…

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We Make History Every Time We Play: 21 years of Europe’s oldest LGBTQI orchestra

Building our history through our archives The orchestra has now reached its 21st anniversary year, our archivist Richard Wiltshire reflects on how the LGSO’s archive has been formed, features highlights in the collection and plans for the future to make the items available to researchers. I’m a professionally-trained archivist. Over the past 14 years I…

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17 Dec: Daquin, Borodin, Beethoven

17 December 2017, 7pm – collaboration with Fourth Choir St Giles’ Cripplegate Church Fore Street London EC2Y 8DA Daquin – Les Douze Noels Borodin – Polovtsian Dances Beethoven – Symphony No. 9 Soloists: Geraldine McGreevy (sop), Jessica Gillingwater (alto), Christopher Turner (tenor), Henry Grant Kerswell (bass)…

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Love and (iii) Romanza

It was my childhood parish priest, a kind man with an acerbic wit by the name Robert Ivan Jones who once recounted meeting the aging Ralph Vaughan Williams when the composer visited Hereford Cathedral.  Robert’s enduring memory was of RVW being offered the hallowed “Bishop’s Chair”, normally strictly reserved for the incumbent primate.  This was…

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Bruises on the chin – a necessary evil

My name is Jimmy and I play sectional viola with the London Gay Symphony – certainly in my opinion a greater and frankly superior instrument than the dainty violin. Ahem. You can keep your viola jokes however on occasion, especially after the longer rehearsals, I do question why as I’m left with a particularly cruel…

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